Contact your Trustee

Colleen Butler, Board Chair
Ward 3 – Delburne / Elnora
Phone: 403-749-2124
Representing this area is of very personal interest to me, as I grew up at Delburne, graduated from Delburne School and served as Vice Principal of Delburne for many years. My grandchildren now attend Delburne School, and my great nieces and nephew are at Elnora School. I have been involved in education all my life and feel that children and their high quality education must be our greatest priority.
Jackie Swainson
Ward 1 – Sylvan Lake
Phone: (403) 887-5467
 I have been a trustee for 14 years and am committed to the integrity of our public schools in Sylvan Lake and throughout our division. My husband and I have lived, worked and raised children here, and enjoy grandchildren who are now attending public school. I have also been appointed as a member of the Olds College Board of Governors, and have served on the provincial Alberta School Boards Association. I believe in trusteeship, in public schools and in always maintaining integrity in our relationships that strengthen our community.


Sherry Cooper
Ward 2 – Penhold / Poplar Ridge / Gasoline Alley
Phone: 403-886-5191
I am proud to serve the families of Penhold and Poplar Ridge, as well as students and families who are part of our Gasoline Alley Career High School community. My family has lived in Penhold for over 20 years. My three children were well served by Chinook's Edge during their school years and I'm happy to contribute my time to this great school division and to my community. I believe strongly in elected trusteeship, in partnerships and collaboration, in cost efficient management, and in listening to students and parents.
Holly Bilton
Ward 4 – Innisfail
Phone: (403) 391-2321
I have spent several years assisting young people with career development opportunities, and am very pleased to now be serving Chinook’s Edge students as trustee for Innisfail. My husband and I live on a farm east of Innisfail that has been in the Bilton family since the late 1800s. I sit on several committees and work hard to create partnerships that benefit learners. It is important to me to serve on the Board of Education because I want to make a difference for my community, because I believe in high quality education, and because I want to see our youth succeed.
Connie Huelsman
Ward 5 – Bowden / Spruce View
Phone: 403-224-3037
I am proud to represent the K-12 children and communities of Bowden and Spruce View. My husband and I have farmed in the local Bowden/Innisfail area for over 30 years and raised our daughter here. I have served on the Board for the past nine years and am excited to continue. I truly believe that children are our future and should be given every opportunity to reach their fullest potential. It is our role as Trustees to lobby on your behalf to ensure that issues are addressed, policies and processes reviewed or established, and infrastructures put in place if and when necessary. We all need to work together to meet the diverse needs of today's learners and ensure that 'students come first'.
Ron Fisher, Vice Chair
Ward 6 – Sundre
Phone: 403-638-3670
I enjoyed a 34 year career in the classroom, including 30 years at Sundre High School. Education has really been my whole life and my passion. I always found it rewarding to teach biology and history, and many of my personal interests still revolve around those subjects. Having lived for over 42 years in the Sundre community, I believe my background and experience allow me to represent the community well. I have spent my entire life in a rural Alberta setting and am proud to bring that perspective to my work. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on the Board, and I recognize the importance of facilitating public input into education. I think the role of trusteeship is vital, and I always strive to guide exemplary practices in education.
Trudy James
Ward 7 – Olds / Reed Ranch
Phone: 403-556-2047
I have lived in Olds for 48 years, farming and ranching with my husband. Our two children graduated from Chinook's Edge schools and now our grandchildren are attending our schools. The high quality of education in this division produces above-average students and is filled with unique partnerships that create even greater opportunities for students. I'm happy to be part of that progress in Chinook's Edge.
Gordon Kerr  
Ward 8 – Didsbury
Phone: 403-994-0278
I am pleased to be serving a second term as Trustee for Didsbury and area. Didsbury has been our home for 13 years. As the owner/operator of a small business in Didsbury, I have the opportunity to interact with many people who are looking to move to our area. I am able to tell them with great confidence what wonderful schools, great teachers and caring staff we have in the schools in our community and throughout our Division. I am looking forward to the next four years, as we strive to make Chinook's Edge THE PLACE 'where students come first.'
Sheldon Ball
Ward 9 – Carstairs / Cremona
Phone: (403) 337-3673
I am proud to have served on Town Council for 12 years, where I had the opportunity to chair a number of different committees and also fulfill the duties of Deputy Mayor. I worked diligently to set sound financial controls in place, during a time when our community growth was expanding dramatically. I am a self-employed entrepreneur, running a web development company, and am very pleased to now be serving Chinook’s Edge students and families as trustee for Carstairs/Cremona.