French Immersion

French Language Programming 

You want the very best for your child - and so do we!

We are proud of the French Immersion programming that has evolved over time in Chinook's Edge, and we are excited to provide this overview to help you determine if French Immersion is the right choice for your child.  French Immersion (FI) is an educational approach with an objective that students become fluent in the language by providing their school subjects in French - beginning with all subjects in early grades.

Our enthusiastic FI parent community, our dedicated school administrators, our strong core of FI teachers, and the solid support from our Board of Education speak volumes about the benefits of French Immersion programming.  Let's walk through some information together and if at any time you would like to chat with a real live person, please call our toll-free number and we'll hook you up!


Remember... whether they are enrolled in French Immersion or in our traditional programming, your child will be surrounded by Chinook's Edge values from the minute they enter school until the day we celebrate their graduation together!


Why Choose French Immersion?

There is a long list of benefits to having fluency in French, from opening post-secondary and career opportunities to cultivating an appreciation of the French culture.  Fluency in French is a desirable skill in our global society where there are educational and career opportunities around the world.

A Message from Jane Atkins, coordinatrice d'immersion française...

Welcome to French Immersion at Chinook's Edge School Division!  

My name is Jane Atkins and I am the French Immersion Coordinator for the division. We have three French Immersion communities in our division - Sylvan Lake, Olds, and Innisfail.  In each community we have excellent teachers and administrators who are excited with the growth of our programs.

French Immersion is a continually growing program.  More and more people are seeing the benefit of their children learning a second language. Being a French Immersion teacher in Chinook's Edge for five years, I have watched children grow in their ability to speak two languages as well as develop critical thinking skills to use in all of their academic learning.  As students move through the program, they are also introduced to the French culture and gain an appreciation for the similarities and differences between our cultures.

Choosing French Immersion for your child is like choosing a special gift that continues to give as they move forward.  It creates the ability to communicate with others around the world, and increases a wider range of job opportunities and skills needed in advanced learning environments.

We are glad you are taking the time to see what Chinook's Edge has to offer your child through our French Immersion programs.  We are always willing to discuss any questions you have in regards to placing your child in French Immersion programs.  We would welcome being part of your child's journey in Chinook's Edge School Division.

Thank you for your interest in French Immersion!

Jane Atkins

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