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Welcome to Parents Matter!

The Chinook’s Edge Board of Education is proud of our 'made in Chinook's Edge' Parents Matter Committee, comprised of 20 people from across the division who serve as an advisory group directly to Trustees and Central Office staff. Chinook’s Edge has earned high praise for our ‘Matters Committees’ approach to engage in meaningful relationships with everyone in our school communities. This unique method for gaining broad perspectives from our employee groups and school families also includes Students Matter, Teachers Matter and Support Staff Matter committees.

The Parents Matter Committee provides input on items of a division-wide nature directly to the Board and Central Office staff in much the same manner as our other ‘Matters Committees’.  We are pleased with the dialogue and advocacy underway through all our Matters Committees, and are happy to share information about our Parents Matter initiative with you.

The Parents Matter Committee meets three times each year. Parents Matter members have received details on some of the projects underway in the division (including the Safe and Caring Schools initiative, collaborative days, high school redesign, etc.), discussed best practices regarding school communication (including parent-teacher interviews, school newsletters, etc),  and experienced a mini-budgeting process to highlight how financial decisions are made for each of our schools.

The Parents Matter Committee is comprised of a representative from each municipality in our division, with the intent that committee members will liaise with parents and community members. Each of our meetings includes an open question period, as well, so that current insights and information can be shared between our school communities and our Board and Central Office staff. We encourage you to be in touch with the Parents Matter rep from your area and visit this webpage for updates.

It is important to the Board that we seek and honour the perception of parents. We are very pleased that the Parents Matter Committee has joined our list of impactful ‘Matters Committees’ which have been formed to further the efforts being made across Chinook’s Edge to reach our vision. The Parents Matter Committee also furthers the Board’s goals to be highly transparent and consultative, and we are looking very forward to working together with this committee. On behalf of the Board of Education and our Central Office team, thank you for your interest in this committee and its important objective!

Trustee Holly Bilton, Committee Chair

Parents Matter Meeting Highlights
        - May 13, 2015

        - October 27, 2015

        - February 10, 2016


Question Box responses

Question Box responses - May 25, 2016

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