English as a Second Language

Getting Started and Intake Procedures
Your initial welcome and response to an ESL student and his/her family is very important. Please ensure that you have established procedures with your staff, particularly admin. support staff who most probably will have the initial contact with those new students.

  • Registration- be thorough, ensure that you have copies of all documentation - work visas, study visas, permanent residency etc.
  • Complete ESL Intake Information
  • Ensure that an intake interview with the student is completed. (Doesn't have to be done at the registration time. )
  • Ensure that you have personnel to complete further assessments at later dates.

When an ESL family arrives-protocol

After registration an appointment should be made to complete an intake interview with the student. This interview is also part of the assessment process. Given the information provided (or not provided) by the student will be important with regard the type of further assessment you will use. In the registration process it is absolutely critical that you have copies of immigration/visa information as part of the initial documentation that is collected.