English as a Second Language

Chinook's Edge IMC - Our IMC has over 50 different resources specifically for English As A Second Language

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Early Childhood

Elementary/Junior High

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Given the extensive size of the internet, this is a limited list of sites. Some of the links are very specifically about ESL and language learning activities. Others are more general but may serve as a vehicle to provide ESL students with a more visual introduction to a wide range of concepts or aspects of Canadian culture. Some of the ESL sites contain activities that may be categorized as electronic workbook assignments and therefore it is recommended that these be used sparingly.

1. 2Learn Portal - has over 50 sites that can be of some use to teachers. The following are sites that have the least amount of advertising and may be of use to teachers and educational assistants:

Activities for ESL Students - grammar, vocabulary, crossword puzzles etc.

Bootstrap Grammar- developed by an ESL teacher in Cranbrook, B.C.

Dave's ESL Cafe- a huge site with a wide range of resources.

E Glossary- Click on the word, view the picture and see the meaning of the word.  Click on the megaphone by the sentence and hear the word in a sentence.

Elllo- lots of interactive listening activities that is helpful for ESL students.

Elmer's Featured Projects- On this site there are thousands of projects for every month and season

ESL Blues- provides a highly interactive and effective resources for ESL students. (includes grammar, present, past tenses etc.)

ESL Images for Beginner Students- 50 images illustrating various verbs in the English Language, from "to ask" to "to write", great for ESL students, students in Early Literacy Programs, other students looking for visual language support, creating rebus books and more.

Other Sites:

Larry Ferlazzo's ESL, ELL Page- A comprehensive site with over 6000 links on a variety of topics.
A Goldmine of Teacher Recommended Resources- another comprehensive site with hundreds of web links to a variety of resources.
National Film Board of Canada- Many free films to download on a variety of topics.

Many of our students arrive with only very rudimentary English language skills. It is important that a pull out program be created in order to give students either a one on one or small group program on a daily basis. It is also important that these students are not required to complete any writing assignments during regular classroom instruction. The following is a simple beginner's program that many be used as a basis for English language instruction:

Supporting English Language Learners - an excellent site developed by a coalition of eight Alberta School Divisions.  Contains information regarding intake procedures, programming, and professional support.  It also includes links to Alberta Education documents such as ESL tracking sheets.