Technology Advisory Group (TAG)


Did You Know?

TAG was originally created in 2007 to help guide decisions around the purchase of division-wide technology.   

  - Provide feedback and advice to central office staff.
  - Help ensure that the needs of students and staff are being met.
  - Explore ways to use technology to help improve student learning.
TAG meets 4 times each school year and also communicates through email.
2016-17 Membership
  - Clark Peters, Principal, Penhold
  - Don Rattray, Principal, Fox Run
  - Jason Drent, Principal, John Wilson
  - Willa Wanke, Vice-Principal, Jessie Duncan
  - Ted Hutchings, Principal, Delburne
  - Tyler Jesse, Vice-Principal, Sundre High
  - Dean Nielsen, Vice-Principal, Hugh Sutherland
  - Shawna Cevraini, EA Tech, Olds
  - Marcie Perdue, Student Services
  - Bobbi Pineau, Student Information Services
  - Coralie Mobley, Learning Services
  - Greg Norris, Teacher Representative
  - Mark Linski, Student Services
  - Ted Harvey, Technology Services
  - Karyn Barber, System Services